• Don't waste your time trying to figure it out...DIGITAL

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Don't waste your time trying to figure it out...DIGITAL

Design and innovation to take your biz into the digital age.

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Design + Innovation = Transformation

In a world of increasing complexity, in which businesses and governments must consider the diverse and ever-evolving needs of the people they serve, design and innovation have become a vital tool for helping organizations transform their strategic direction.

Chamli Tennakoon | Inventor | Entrepreneur | Digital Strategist

Contact me | chamli@editx.io


Human Centric Design

Create compelling, disruptive IOT, OTT products and services by cultivating a culture of design thinking—and by putting people at the center of their process. These firms innovate continuously by connecting with customer needs and emotions and demonstrating effective design leadership.


What is your FUTURE? Constant improvement. Have you ever mastered a skill without a systematic plan and hours of practice? We can help you to find the most innovative product and the best team to kickstart your in-house innovation lab.

Digital Trasformation

What is Digital Trasformation? We can help you to build digital capabilities that will enhance and optimize the customer experience, operational process and business model.